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Recently, I photographed all pages from my yearly expense diary – in order to maintain a digital copy – as I planned to discard it (to save space in the cupboard).

I photographed the diary using a Samsung J5 mobile camera. In diary has 62 pages in total. On seeing the total size occupied on the hard disk I decided to try reducing the resolution of each page and also save some space.

Here is how the image resolution worked out:

  1. original image – 4128 x 2322; size – 189 MB
  2. 50% of original image – 2064 x 1161; size – 55.1 MB
  3. 25% of original image – 580 x 1032; size – 15.4 MB

A sample of the image for comparing image clarity at various sizes (obviously from another book 🙂

Image size composite

Image size composite

After going through a few pages at each stage, I found that I was able to read the text clearly at 50% resolution. So I decided to retain this size, saving around 120MB of disk space 🙂