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These days, even though I have a Canon 700D, I seem to salivate each time I read about a new camera (particularly the mirror-less variety) that is being announced in the market. For example, on seeing the reviews of Sony A6500 and the Olympus OD M1 Mark 2, I was blown away.

This reaction probably stems from the fact that I try to shoot my DSLR without a tripod and end up with minor shakes in some images. With mirror-less, the expectation is that images will not suffer from the ‘mirror slap’ phenomenon.

What does it really mean? It means that much of what is captured in a photograph lies with the skill of the photographer rather than the gadgets. So many of the images published on the Internet (using the Canon 700D) are very good. In comparison, many of my images seem to lack that kind of clarity.

The saying ‘the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence’ seems to be true in this case.