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Developing a Gimp script is quite a task. I wanted to develop a script to help ease the task of sharpening an image using the ‘Grain Extract’ method. Even after searching for sample scripts and reading them carefully, creating your own script and running it in Gimp presents challenges. The biggest challenge is unfamiliarity with the programming language used for writing the scripts. I believe the programming language is Scheme, a derivative of Lisp.

Obviously, the preferred method is hacking. Take an existing script, make few changes and hope for the best :-). As I did not spend time reading all material in a well defined manner, it took me quite some time to get things working.  I looked at a few samples, did copy-paste and after multiple trials, the script started working.
Now that the script is working I am sure it will take similar effort to create another script as I have not spent time in grounding myself regarding the principles of programming  Scheme as used in Gimp.