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Since purchasing a DSLR, I found out that some amount of sharpening adds that ‘pop’ to images. During the 10 years that I had the Kodak DX6490, I had been following the policy of not touching the images in any way.

Gimp is one of my favourite image editors. For quite some time, I have been sharpening images using the ‘Unsharpen Mask’ method. Recently, I came across a few other methods to sharpen an image.

In comparison to ‘Unsharpen Mask’, these methods are involved and have many steps. After using the methods on multiple images, I wanted to find out if Gimp supports a feature found in Photoshop – macros / recorded actions.

Apparently, Gimp does not have a mechanism to record actions. The method in Gimp is to create scripts. Hence I decided to write a few scripts. I will publish these scripts in the following posts.