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Recently, I got a surprise. My Samsung J5 got an update from Lollipop (Android 5) to Marshmallow (Android 6).

As it happens after every major version update, you discover that something has changed. This time round, after the upgrade, I started HikiPlayer, to listen to some music. HikiPlayer is one of the minimal music players that I love to use. It does not have ads, it does not collect information and plays all the files from directory that I point it to.

When I started HikiPlayer, it came up blank. I was surprised and used the directory structure display to try and locate the SD card – usually available as ‘extSDCard’ in the file system view. Only this time, this directory was not present. I was upset as I would now need to move all music files to the on-board memory – which is at a premium on my phone, as it has only 8GB.

I continued to navigate through the file system. Under ‘storage’ there was a weird directory named ‘3344-2345’ or something like that. Imaging my surprise when I found all my music files in this directory!!!

So, it seems that the directory ‘extSDCard’ is now named differently, adding to the confusion. I need to open up Eclipse and write a Java program to check if the get external card API continues to work. If it does not work, I need to figure out how to get access to an external SD card as some of my Android apps need to do so.