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While I am happy with my purchase of the Canon 700D DSLR, sometimes I end up comparing it with my old Kodak DX6490. Below is what I like and dislike about each camera. I have mentioned the points as per camera, without separating the likes and dislikes.

Canon 700D

  • flexibility
  • many settings
  • large sensor
  • optical stabilization
  • mirror slap
  • no macro in the real sense without suitable lens
  • optical view finder takes time to get used to
  • optical view finder is not a perfect depiction of the final image

Kodak DX6490

  • simple settings
  • aperture and Shutter speed settings available, but almost never used nor experimented with
  • electronic view finder is a perfect depiction of the final image
  • small sensor
  • no support to overcome camera shake