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Ever since reading the first book on a mobile device – I do not recollect the name – I was a convert. Since then I have read multiple book on the mobile. The convenience of ebooks is so amazing. one of the best features is the ability to change the font size.

But the book I am presently reading has shown me some advantages of a paper book. the book is the guns of august, a book about world war I. the narration is accompanied by maps. in case of the ebook, it is difficult to quickly refer to a previous page with maps when reading a description of the various battles. with the ebook, I need to remember the page number and / or put a bookmark and also put a bookmark on the current page. with a page book, it is possible to keep one finger on the map page and one finger on the description and then quickly flip between the two fingermarks.

I seriously need to explore the bookmark feature of FBReader.