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When I bought the Canon 700D DSLR instead of the Nikon P610, I had a lot of expectations. In addition to better quality images, I was expecting to get nice macro shots and would be able to zoom over a longer distance.

But, I have been disappointed on both fronts. Not only have I found out that the ‘macro photos’ that I have been taking with my Kodak DX6490 – over the last decade or so – are nothing but close-up shots, but also that my Canon lenses are also not capable of taking macro shots. Their magnification is 3:1. Additionally, though the combined zoom factor of both lenses is around 13X (18-55mm + 55-250mm), they still fall short of my Kodak, which is 38mm to 380mm.

After many days, I have come to understand some of the aspects of DSLR based photography and also understand the reason why compact cameras seems to have a long zoom, but DSLRs use dedicated lenses (and very expensive) for this purpose.

The biggest realization I have had is that the DSLR ecosystem can become quite an expensive proposition to maintain if you wish to claim all the bragging rights. Considering my ownership of the camera is only 11 months old, I definitely have to pace myself and look forward to better lenses and equipment over time.

In the mean time, I definitely need to fiddle around with various combinations available on the camera. On that front, I definitely am happy.