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Many installations insist on connecting to the Internet to download modules.

For people who are in enterprise networks behind firewalls, this presents a problem for installation.

The most recent example was Elasticsearch 2.3 plugin installation. Tried to install the zip file downloaded from GitHub. It was refusing to consider the zip file from the local drive. It insisted on connecting to the Internet and looking for the GitHub repository.

I noted that a major change has been effected between Elaticsearch 1.7 (the last version I used) and Elasticsearch 2.3. Earlier, the plugin command used to accept a ‘url’ parameter where we could specify the URL to the plugin repository. Due to this facility, it was also possible to specify a ‘file’ URL and point to a file ont he local drive. The ‘url’ option is no longer supported on Elasticsearch 2.3.

What a shame.

What is the method to install plugins? Explode the zip archive and copy the directory into the plugin directory of the Elasticsearch installation. Please refer to earlier post for the naming convention of the plugins.