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Recently, (Windows 98 + Virtual Machine + 256 colors – part 1 — https://twentymegahertz.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/windows-98-virtual-machine-256-colors-part-1/) I was trying to install a 3D walkthrough application that was developed in later half of 1998 as a technology demonstration for the Intel Pentium III, which was launched in mid 1999. The application was developed using Visual C++ 6, DirectX 6.1, and worked on Windows 98.

Initially, I tried to make the application work on a Windows 98 installed inside VirtualBox. But the application did not work.

Hoping that things would be different, I decided to try creating a virtual machine using VMWare. For this purpose, I downloaded the VMWare Player went through the whole routine of installation. But even in this case, I faced the same issue.