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After the refusal of my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to display anything on the screen, I had to move to a new mobile phone and my next purchase was the Samsung Galaxy J5. I reluctantly moved from a 4.3 inch screen to a 5 inch screen – it is so difficult to carry a large screen phone in your shirt or pant pocket. And carrying it in the hand is an option that I hate the most.

Coming back to the story. As I like to take pictures (who doesn’t these days) using the mobile and that too close-ups, I use the screen to ‘touch focus’ the camera on the desired area. While operating the J5, I found that it takes longer to focus as compared to the S4 Mini. Why would that be the case when I am moving to better hardware? The J5 is a quad-core system, while the S4 Mini is a dual-core system. I believe the reason for this delay lies in the speed of the CPU. The S4 Mini runs at 1.7GHz, while 30% speed has been sacrificed in the J5, which runs at 1.2GHz.

So, while giving two additional cores, the speed has been reduced by 30%. The reduced speed may be reducing the heat generated by the phone as well as improving the battery life, but it does make a difference when I need to keep changing focus while operating the camera.