After purchasing the Canon 700D and taking a few pictures with it, I naturally did what each one of us does after taking a picture – zoom into the image so that it is being displayed at 100% of it’s size. On looking at the images at 100%, it is possible to notice the pixalation as well as the noise. In bright conditions, the amount of noise is less, while images taken in low light or those taken at night contain noise.

Initially I was disappointed in noting that even with a DSLR, the images contain noise. I was under the false impression that these things do not happen to a DSLR image.

But now I feel OK, after reading a review of the Nikon D5 camera. One image in particular in the article, supports that feeling. The picture is a 100% crop of a lady’s arm. While this particular image contains some noise, the immediately preceding image looks great – but it is not at 100% resolution.

D5 Review – Ross Harvey “The Nikon D5 is a revelation of capability” – http://www.rossharvey.com/reviews/nikon-d5-review