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Since my purchase of a Canon 700D DSLR, I had not faced this event. Hence, when it happened, it too me my surprise.

All this while, I had been shooting photos in the sRGB colour space. After reading a book where the author recommended use of Adobe RGB colour space, as it has a wider colour gamut, I decided to make the switch, with the hope that the resultant photos would become ‘great’.

After taking many photographs (I was trying my hand at focus stacking), I took out the SD card and moved all the files to the desktop. It was during this transfer, that I noticed the change. All the files, which were earlier named with an ‘IMG_’ prefix, were now named with the ‘_MG_’ prefix. While this puzzled me, I had to get to the task at hand – that of renaming all the images to my naming convention prefix (Cxxx_). As I use a Windows batch file to rename files, I tried changing it to account for this different name, but the script struggled as it simply refused to find files beginning with the underscore (‘_’). After much trial, I got the script working (now stored as a new script, just for such rename operations).

While the script was running, I pondered about the file name change. I asked myself if this name change was related to the colour space change, in any way. To verify my hypothesis, I took four trial shots – two in the sRGB colour space and two in the Adobe RGB colour space.

The names of the resultant images was as per hypothesis. The camera seems to be using IMG_ prefix for images with the sRGB colour space and _MG_ prefix for images with the Adobe RGB colour space.

On gather more information about the topic, I have decided to stick with the sRGB colour space.