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On the advice of a friend, I have been trying my hand at shooting photographs in RAW mode. As you might be aware, a RAW file is kind of equivalent to the old-age film negative, that needs to be processed, before getting the actual image. Due to this factor, a RAW file is much larger than a its JPEG equivalent.

After a recent shooting spree, I ended up with many photographs in RAW format, occupying multiple GBs of space on the hard disk.

Now, the decision facing me is, should I store CR2 or JPEG for posterity? On one hand, with a CR2, I have the ‘digital negative’ that takes a lot of spaces and needs processing to get an image. On the other hand, I have a converted, JPEG image, which cannot be processed further without loss of quality.

At the end of the day, I am only an enthusiast photographer and hence would like to find a balance between quality and flexibility versus storage and backup.