After having gone through 10,000 photographs with the DSLR, I ask myself this question while going through the photographs – What kind of photographer am I?

Just having a DSLR in your hand does not make you a good photographer. After six months, I have learned this lesson the hard way. To get a ‘wow’ inducing photograph needs a lot of creativity, patience and knowledge. And yes, lot of equipment.

Due to the flexibility of a digital camera and now the DSLR, I had developed an impression that I would be able to shoot astounding moments. But then I have to ask myself if I am really willing to spend the required amount of time, money and energy on this endeavour? While I may be willing to spend the time and the energy, the money factor is significant, considering the equipment costs.

Getting down to reality, I will hence have to qualify myself as a vacation/picnic photographer and/or at max an enthusiast photographer. Having realized the true, I will aim to capture moments to the best of my abilities and (my limited) equipment. If I keeping expecting being able to capture award-winning photographs, I am sure I am setting myself up for disappointment.