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I love ebooks and ebook readers. Now, a lot of material is available for avid readers like me. With a large catalogue available, I can move to a new book at ease. Along with the ease of availability, I have noticed a big change in my reading habits. Ebooks have changed my habit of reading existing books multiple times.

Earlier, when I had books in paper format (and when I had more limited funds than today, though even today, I do not have unlimited funds), I used to take pleasure in reading books from my collection multiple times. I remember reading ‘Where Eagles Dare’, ‘The Guns of Navarone’, Foundation series by Issac Asimov as well as ‘The Bourne Identity’ multiple times (just to name a few books). These days, after finishing a book, I am more inclined to select a new book, rather than re-reading an already read book.

I believe one of the biggest reasons for this change is the availability of books. Earlier, books were not easily available and my purchasing ability was also limited. Now, purchasing ability has increased (not much), but the number of books available has become nearly infinite.