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For my first digital camera purchase, I chose Kodak Dx6490 because it had 10x zoom.

It was only 10 years later, while looking to change the camera, did I make a note of the mm (millimeter) range of the camera – 38mm to 380mm.

My Canon DSLR has two lenses, namely 18-55mm and 55-250mm. To calculate zoom factor of the lens, we need to divide larger mm number by smaller mm number. Thus, the 18-55mm lens has 3x zoom and the 55-250mm lens has 4.5x zoom.

Initially, the zoom range of the Canon was a big disappointment, as compared to the Kodak. While many cameras with longer zoom were available (60x in the Nikon P610), I decided to go with the DSLR due to the sensor size.

I have been getting decent pictures with the two lenses. A few days ago, a thought struck me – what if I consider the ‘combined range’ of the two lenses? By combining, I have a 13x zoom range (though not strictly in a single lens).

Job done!! Ego satisfied.