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While reading about photography, I found out an important aspect of macro photography. For many years, I have tried to get near to objects, while placing the camera in ‘macro’ mode. This ‘nearness’ was one of the reasons I considered buying the Nikon P610 as it macro focus distance is 0cm.

But, as I have read, the important consideration i macro photography is not proximity to the subject, but magnification.

Most standard lenses (particularly kit lenses on a DSLR) provide a 3:1 magnification. In other words, any object appears 1/3rd its size in the photograph. To get 1:1 proportion, we need to either reverse the lens or use extension tubes / bellows or use diopter lenses.

The best method is to use a dedicated macro lenses, most of which give 1:1 magnification. Apparently, there are a few lenses that also give 1:2 and 1:3 magnification. But naturally, most of the dedicated lenses are expensive – as expensive as the camera body or sometime even twice or thrice the cost of the camera body.