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With the digital photograph collection reaching 90GB, with the photos of the 2015 accounting for 30GB of it, it is time to revisit the photos.

Each photo is presented with three options:

  1. retain
  2. get cropped to smaller size
  3. contribute to free space

And the photographs are treated as follows:

  1. Photographs with family members invariables ends in the ‘retain’ group. The photographs contribute to free space only if they are extremely blurred or are really bad.
  2. Photographs of flowers, bees, flys and butterflies are invariably cropped for a tighter fit.
  3. Only photographs that are very blurred or bad or contain only incremental updates in a continuous sequence of shots are deleted.

Boy! Does it take time to clean-up. And then the horror!! The clean-up has to be followed by a backup!!!