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With the purchase of a DSLR, some activities have become frustrating. Earlier, I was convinced that I was shooting ‘macros’ using the ‘macro’ mode of the bridge camera.

But, as it turns out, those ‘macro’ shots were only ‘close-up’ shots and not real macros.

With the DSLR, the situation is even worse. With it, I seem unable to get decent close-ups. Even with the 18-55mm lens, I can only get as near as 28cm or around 0.9 inches (with the 55-250mm lens, the minimum distance is 3.6 feet or around 1.1 meters). More importantly, each photo seems to suffer from camera shake. A few days ago, I took many photos of a flower, but most came out very bad.

Earlier, photography was very simple. Simple zoom the lens, frame the shot and press the shutter. Job done.

Now, I need to adjust multiple parameters before taking the shot, which is not guaranteed to be as per expectation. To add to that, the image seen in the mirror is not the one that ends up on the sensor, once the shutter button is pressed.