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Being a Star Wars fan, I look forward to watching the newest release in the franchise – Star Wars The Force Awakens.

But, after looking at many posters of the film, I am intrigued by the design of the particular light sabre, held by one of the characters in the film (do not know the name, as I have not watched trailers nor read any other information about the film, yet).

As you might be aware, a light sabre is like an English broadsword / claymore, but without the requisite metal / steel above the handle. In its place is an energy beam. This energy beam is in line with the handle.

The particular design I am talking about, features two energy beams laid out in horizontal manner, just before the vertical energy beam begins. In other words, this configuration forms a plus sign, with one arm being the handle, the second arm being the standard energy beam. The other two arms are made of energy beams, which is unconventional.

Speaking of design, I feel this design is problematic. The reason being that the energy beams will most likely cut into the holder of the light sabre, when she/he gets into a fight. Similarly, when the sabre is swung around the holders body, what is the chance that these horizontal beams will NOT hit her own body parts? During real combat, the chance of hitting oneself is quite high, as there will be many instances where the sword will pass close to the holder’s body.

Not convinced yet? Consider this. Imagine a simple straight sword or a fencing sword. Attach two daggers / knives in the horizontal position, just above the hilt. Now try and make practice swings with this new sword. There is a very good chance that you will end up cutting at least some part of your own body with the knives.

Consider another scenario. As depicted in many movies, in a sword fight, we come across a scene where the villain’s sword pins down the hero’s sword quite near to the hero’s face. This position is held for a few minutes and finally the hero pushes the villain and his sword away from his own body. If this situation takes place with the light sabre, what is the chance that the sideways pointing energy fields will always end up being parallel to you face/body?

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