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One of the limitations of shooting with an 18MP camera is that the size of the images is quite large. I have been accustomed to images that are anywhere between 800K to 1.5MB is size for many years.

After the switch, I am finding that my habit of taking many photography is drastically adding to the size demands. So, the most logical steps would be to reduce the size of the images by 50%, so that the pictures are of decent size and suitably small size.

My favourite image viewer is FastStone Image Viewer. Though it has batch resize support, it needs a target directory for the resized images. So I decided to look for an alternate solution. I found one in ImageMagick.

ImageMagick is an open source image processing software suite, mostly driven by command line.

The steps to resize images is

  • select the images to be resized
  • copy them to a folder
  • execute the DOS batch script to resize the image by 50% (fixed)
  • copy the images back to the original folder, overwriting the original size images

On re-examination of the process, I realize that this method may actually be longer and more time consuming that re-sizing the images using FastStone Image Viewer.

Humph!!!! There goes my ‘productivity’.