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Now that I have a DSLR, I need to put a check mark against some of the effets that we get to see in photographs.

  1. Light trails for an automobile – Check. By reducing the shutter speed (keeping the shutter open for a longer duration) and shooting at night, I was able to create a light trail. With this effect, we get to see a red coloured line in the photograph, which shows the movement of the automobile. I also tried the same thing during the morning, for vehicles that had their front lights switched on, but the effect is neither similar nor so dramatic.
  1. Blurring moving water – Check. Once gain, by reducing the shutter speed (keeping the shutter open for a longer duration), it is possible to create a ‘milky’ waterfall.
  1. Freezing moving water – Check. By increasing the shutter speed (keeping the shutter open for a lesser duration), we can freeze the water droplets in a stream or a waterfall. We can appreciate the many droplets that are trying the escape the waterfall.

I know that the terms reducing shutter speed and increasing speed may be counter to commonly used logic. Hence I have explicitly mentioned the action taken for the shutter speed. This is similar to what happens with Aperture numbers. A smaller number means a larger aperture and a larger number means a smaller aperture. This logic is initially counter-intuitive when reading material about photography.