Recently, I purchased a Canon DSLR with two kit lenses. The deal included a bag to carry the items. While it is possible to carry all three items in the bag, it is difficult to fit the items if one of the lenses is attached to the camera. In fact, it is not possible to mount the 55-250mm lens on the camera and put the camera in the bag (unless we remove the 18-55mm lens form the bag).

The only way to do so is to place the camera lens facing down (resting on the lens) or the back-face facing down (lens facing up).

Would it not have been simpler for the company to provide a more roomy bag for storing the camera?

I know that every small increase adds to the cost, but when someone is spending a sufficiently large amount for the camera, it is not worth to add to the customer’s delight by providing a more roomy bag? Literally, a couple of inches more room would have done the trick.