After my recent purchase of a DSLR, I have been attempting to put it through its paces on one of my interests – macro photography.

I was disappointed to know that DSLRs do not take macro photos unless a dedicated lens is used. As add-on diopters (like a magnifying glass), extension tubes and lens reversal are common techniques, I decided to look at the easier option of buying add-on diopter lenses – something that fits my budget. A pair of expensive diopters, though resulting in high quality, are at 50% the cost of a dedicated macro lens in most cases.

But, given that the diopters are not very expensive and I am not using a tripod and most importantly, I am not an expert, most of the shots are coming out to be below par.

The most common thing that I do nowadays is to take a lot of photos, copy them to the desktop, go through them for quality and realize that all of them are crap, leading to the end of their short life in the digital world.

This, oft repeated behaviour makes me feel that people like me, should use at max a bridge camera like a Panasonic FZ1000 instead of buying a DSLR.

While I feel happy that I did not invest in a Nikon P610 due to its small sensor size (1/2.3in), I feel doubtful about my purchase of the DSLR.