Even after realizing that ‘macro’ photography is difficult with kit lenses that accompany the DSLR, I know that I am being stubborn, when I keep on taking photographs of flowers, with the hope that one of these days, I will strike Gold (though I know it is going to be fool’s Gold).

For these photos, I am using single-element close-up filters or am ‘reverse holding’ the lens. You may be wondering what ‘reverse holding’ means. In the normal scheme of things, people will advise you to purchase a reversing ring and then reverse-mounting the lens. In my case, I am yet to purchase the reversing ring. So, I hold the lens in my hand, which is a bit dangerous, in case I drop it. But, I am a bit hesitant in using a reversing ring, a feel the front of the kit lens looks (to me) a bit fragile.