On doing a survey of the latest and greatest bridge cameras, I came to know that the size of the sensor on these cameras (1/2.3 inch – 6.17mm x 4.55mm) is the same (almost) to that of my existing digital camera. It also seems that the size of the sensor in these cameras is the same as those used in standard smartphones!!!

In comparison, the size of the sensor in a DSLR (APS-C) is 22.20mm x 14.80mm in case of Canon and 23.60mm x 15.60mm in case of Nikon, Sony and Pentax. This means that the size of the sensor in a DSLR is almost 11 times (in terms of surface area) as compared to the sensor used in these bridge cameras.

So, by buying a new bridge camera, I would get a ton of features, but the quality of images would be similar. That is not an exact statement as my existing camera is 4 mega-pixels and the new bridge cameras are 16 to 24 mega-pixels.

While the passage of time has definitely improved the quality of manufacturing, the size of the sensor is a critical factor in image quality, as I understand now.