For a long time, the digital camera industry was running the ‘megapixel’ race. Every new camera was announced with larger number of pixels. Surprisingly, one fact that most people do not realize is that the megapixel count can double, but the photograph size will increase by only 40%.

Another interesting fact that people did not realize was that three megapixels (yes, you read it correctly – three megapixels) is enough to print a photograph that is 5inx3in in dimensions.

When I purchased by digital camera, I clearly made the decision of stepping away from the megapixel race. I chose a camera that has more optical zoom. In fact, when I made my purchase, a five megapixel (with 10x optical zoom) had just been announced. But that model was out of my budget. Hence I opted for a four megapixel, 10x optical zoom camera instead. During this time, most people were opting for a 3x optical zoom camera, but aiming for more megapixels.

I definitely have not regretted my decision of going for a larger zoom.