As mentioned earlier, I have a ‘no delete’ policy for digital photographs, irrespective of their quality.

This policy works when the size of the photographs is reasonable. In case of a 4MP camera, the size of images is between 400K to 1.5M. But, with an 18MP camera, the size of images (JPEG) is around 4.5M to 6M. And, if you switch to RAW, the size increases to around 20M to 25M PER IMAGE.

So, as a rough calculation, for an average of 1.1M, 30K images will occupy 33GB on a single drive. Backups will only increase the space needed.

In the case of 18MP JPG, the size is around 165GB, and 825GB for RAW.

Phenomenal space requirements. A re-statement of fundamental principles is definitely called for.

The simplest solution is to keep deleting photographs. The more preferred solution is to not shoot the same object in the same setup multiple times and each time hope for that ‘great’ photograph. The next preferred solution is to become a better photographer 🙂

Digital Photography – my policy