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Recently, I put myself into a situation where I decided that the best way to continue the digital photograph count, I should invest i a new camera and not go for the ‘cheap’ option of purchasing a new battery for the existing digital camera.

Once I had psyched myself into a ‘I need a new camera’ situation, I started looking for reviews. As I thought DSLRs would be a pain to use and would also need a significant infusion of funds, I decided to look for another bridge camera.

After much reading, I settled on the Nikon P610, based on its great reviews and sample images posted on the Internet. One of the reviews placed the Panasonic FZ1000 at the top of the pile and gave an honorable mention to the Nikon P610. On reading this review, I scoffed at it and immediately dismissed it. How could a 16x optical zoom camera (Panasonic) compare itself with a 60x optical zoom camera (Nikon)?

But then I did not read the complete specifications. Only later I discovered that the Nikon P610’s sensor size if 1/2.3 inches (6.17mm x 4.55mm) while the sensor size of the Panasonic is 1 inch (12.80mm x 9.60mm). This means that the Panasonic sensor is four times the size of the Nikon sensor. Obviously, having a larger sensor results in better pictures and less noise.

Thus, I have had to reconsider my stand and acknowledge that the Panasonic placement at the top of the review probably was justified.