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If you scan through my photo collection (which you will not be able to do so as, it is not hosted on any site), you will realize that I like to shoot macro photographs.

Recently, while reading up on photography, I came to know that the ‘macro photography’ that I have been doing on my bridge camera (point-and-shoot with high zoom – in this case 10x; 38mm to 380mm for the pedantic people) is not ‘macro’ photography in the real sense. It is ‘close-up’ photography. This is because in real macro photography, objects appear in 1:1 proportion (at the minimum) or are magnified. Additionally, macro photography needs special lenses (which are not only expensive, but cannot fit my camera as it has a fixed lens).

Essentially I have been doing ‘close-up’ photography. Certainly not disappointed as it is just a re-classification. Looks like I will have to re-tag many of my photos. While reading, I also came to know that it is possible to use ‘close-up filters’ to real closer to subjects, till such time you can afford a real macro lens.