Recently, I crossed the count of 30,000 photographs with my digital camera. The count is larger is I add photos taken with my smartphones.

With such a large collection, locating pictures quickly and easily is always a challenge. Though I have partly solved this problem by arranging all photographs as per decade, year and month.

Adding tags to images is a tough task, due to the variety of ways available to do so. Apparently, images can support tags of type EXIF, XMP, IPTC IIM and ICC.

Additionally, if one tool supports one format, another tools does not!!

Presently I am making do with tag editing support provided by Windows 7 Explorer, as it is not modifying the timestamp of the image being tagged. This is exactly what I want. A couple of tools that I reviewed, changed the timestamp of the image, to match it to the date when the image was tagged. This completely defeats my arrangement for photos. And, I do not want to rename each photo using the ‘time taken’ information stored in the image.

By the way, renaming a photo using values from the ‘time taken’ attribute of the file is a pretty simple task using BulkRename utility.