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A few days ago, I went for a walk up a hill near my house. During my childhood, this hill was quite bare. Over the past couple of years, a lot of citizens, including my father, took efforts to plant a lot of saplings and water them regularly. Now the hill is quite lush green. Earlier, people used to carry water from their home. After much persuasion, the local government body has created water tanks on the hill – now there is no need to carry water from home.

Now coming to the point. This being summer season, many birds and animals (mostly stray dogs) congregate at small water puddles created for this purpose. When walking past one such, I saw a crow drinking water and saw it as a great photo opportunity.

I took out my digital camera and set the optical zoom to 10X, in Landscape mode. This was because I had to be a bit far away from the crow, allowing it to drink at leisure.

After taking the shot, I realized that I should not have chosen Landscape mode, as this resulted in the subject ending up being out of focus. I should have used normal mode with 10X optical zoom. Alternately, I should have used Landscape mode, with lesser zoom.

Shoot!!! Great idea, but lost in execution.