Recently I finished reading two related books. Related because they are about firearms. One of them is ‘The Gun by C J Chivers’, which is about the iconic AK-47. The other book is ‘American Gun: A history of the US in ten firearms by Chris Kyle and William Doyle’ which covers 10 firearms that have defined America (as per the  author, Chris Kyle).


One firearm is mentioned in both books, namely the M-16.


In the first book, the M-16 comes about in bad light, as the author covers the various problems soldiers faced while using it in the Vietnam war. In the second book, the M-16 is mentioned as an excellent firearm.


After reading the second book, I was puzzled due to these contrasting views and I decided to search for more information.


If you read only the first book, you will argue that the AK-47 is superior. If you read the second book, you will argue that the M-16 is better.


The point I am trying to make is this: We tend to develop our perspectives based on the information we have. As we update that information, our perspectives may change. Hence it is necessary to listen to contrary views and not keep arguing that your perspective is absolute and the only valid truth.