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Recently, at a swimming meet, I saw a few participants playing with the famous Rubik’s Cube and they were playing quite well. Then I listened a bit more careflly. The children were speaking in something that sounded almost like code language, but in fact were codes that are to be used while solving the Rubic cude. Some of the codes were ‘F R U’. They were also holding the cube in a specific manner.

AS a child, I also tried my hand at the Rubik Cube, but never managed to complete all colours on all sides. I could only manage two colours (two sides). But, that was without any guides and codes.

Looking at the children play, it was interesting to see them play with something other than video and mobile games for a change. But, I also was sckeptical about losing the ‘fun’ and exploration aspect of playing with the cube.

With the codes, everybody seems to be playing to solve the cube in the shortest time span.