These days, there are many JavaScript based presentation tools like Reveal.js, present.js, etc. Most of them claim to overcome the headache of presentations created using PowerPoint. The biggest claim of these tools is that presentations can be online at all times and that they can be edited and version controlled much easier that PowerPoint.

While many of the presentations look nice at first, over a period of time, the effects lose their sheen. In many cases, it is not easy to skip over certain slides. Additionally, if too many effects are used, the presenter forgets about the effects and invariables fumbles into the next point or next slide without intending to do so, leading to many apologies to the audience.

While PowerPoint may not be the best tool, I feel that many JavaScript tools have gone overboard in terms of effects. Having said that, they offer distinct advantages in that it is easier to focus on the content (during creation), rather that on the formatting of the material to be presented, as the look and feel is taken care by the tool using markup language.