Recently, I took photographs at an event. On going through them later, I realized that the date stamped on the image was off by one year. It was 2014, when it was supposed to be 2015 (guess 2015 has not become ingrained into me yet). I now had a problem where the timestamp of the images as 2015, but the date printed on the image was 2014.

I decided to update the information printed on the image using GIMP. For this purpose, I looked for methods that would allow me to automate this action, but did not find anything suitable / satisfactory for my task.

Finally, this is what I did

  1. Open one image in GIMP
  2. Add a layer to the image
  3. Change the date from 2014 to 2015 in the new layer
  4. Export the new image as JPG
  5. Copy the new layer into the clipboard
  6. Load the next image
  7. Paste the clipboard contents to the new image (essentially copying the new layer and ‘2015’ onto the image)
  8. Export image as JPG
  9. Repeat for next image

Using this method was a bit cumbersome, but worked for the 200 or so images that I needed to update.