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As per a recent new article, Microsoft is planning to retire their ‘ClipArt’ feature from the Office suite of applications. In its place, they plan to make use of Bing Image search.

While much of the clip art available in MS Office was ‘cartoony’ in nature, most of us have been accustomed to including it in our presentations without much thought. And here, I do not mean the use of animated duck hitting a computer with a hammer or any such media elements. I mean the ‘permission for use’ angle or in strict lawyerly terms, the ‘copyright’ angle.

If clip art search is going to point to images on the web, we may increasingly face a situation where we end up including images, whose inclusion is ‘barred’ by its license. (Not that we do not presently do an image search and include it in our presentations.)

But, with tight integration with Office, the chances of such transgressions may increases.

Did I just hear some lawyers wake up and rush to the coffee machine in anticipation of many such cases?