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While WiFi has gained a lot of popularity, due to the proliferation of laptops, smartphones and tablets, it is well-known that a wired LAN connection if faster than Wi-Fi.

Surprisingly, a few days ago, I faced the opposite in my office. I was copying some files from one computer to another over the wired LAN connection. To copy 150MB, Windows informed me that it would take 2 hours or so. After waiting for quite some time, I decided to switch over the WIFi and the file got copied in 10 minutes!!!

On the same day, I was checking in files into SVN repository. The speed of transfer over the wired LAN conneciton went from 1.3Kbs to 0Kbs to 200bps. For maximum amount of time, it was 0Kbps. I once again switched to WiFi and all the files got transferred quickly – at around 25Kbps!!!!