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After writing many blog entries that talk about Steve Jobs – without ever having worked with him or met him – this one is a salute. On one hand I admire Steve Jobs for having a grand vision for things and insisting on perfection for this actions. But on the other hand, I do not agree with all his opinions and decisions.

I admire him for seeing the spark in Xerox PARC that created the Machintosh, for re-inventing the mobile music industry, re-inventing the mobile industry and creating a market for tablet computers.

But I would like to disagree on the stand to start Thermonuclear war with Android, calling Google a thief. Or calling Microsoft a thief, considering the GUI concept was developed by Xerox. Or not agreeeing to pay royalties for standards essential patents implemented in iPhone, but expecting Android makers to pay $40 as royalty for ‘copying’.

I also know that it is easy to provide an opinion when I have no experience in trying out the things that Steve Jobs did. But then that is why it is an opinion. Isn’t it?