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During my visit to Zurich for office work, I decided to buy cheese, as Switzerland is not only known for chocolates, but also for its cheese. For this, I visited Chas-Vreneli (note that that a has two dots above it, which is difficult to recreate in English).

Hence I bought a few cheese flavours (100gm each), namely Sternenberger, Jersey Blue, Brie Suisse, Gouda. Then I noticed a pre-packaged collection of assorted cheese (in different colours, one being Orange) named Kaseteller International. That collection included Manchego Roblevega, Cheddar, Gouda, Gorgonzola picante and Ossau-Iraty.

Of these, Jersey Blue has to strongest flavour – disliked by my family. Other cheeses are palatable, but it definitely takes a strong person to eat Jersey Blue as is (without including it in a recipe or eating it with bread).