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A few days ago, I changed my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4. The interesting thing about the phone, as compare to my older phone (Samsung Galaxy 3) is that it is possible to change the camera to focus on an object, by tapping the screen, indicating where the object is. Earlier, I had to press and hold the camera button for the camera to adjust focus. If the focus was not where I wanted it, I would simply move the camera to get the object in focus.

The drawback of this ‘tap to focus’ is that it is very difficult to get some objects into focus. On the reasons this happens is because the object has a lot of gaps in between (like the stamen of flowers). In such cases, the camera focuses on the far object and it is not possible to focus on the stamen.

Then I discovered that this camera also behaves like the old camera. With this camera it is possible to press and hold the camera button, let the camera focus on an object and then move the camera to get the intended object into focus.

This exactly depicts the phrase ‘Old Wine in New Bottle’.