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The medical field is actively working on increasing the life span of humans. Suppose our life span gets increased to 200 years, what will happen?

  • We will have to work till the age of 170, before we can retire and get pension.
  • On retirement, we will need to have a larger nest egg, as we will want to ‘maintain’ our lifestyle.
  • Politicians will now ‘retire’ after centuries rather than decades.
  • Countries will see ruling Prime Ministers and Presidents who are well into their 180s and 190s.
  • Children of politicians will have to wait for a century before inheriting the constituency from their parent.
  • Companies will see CEOs be in their 80s, while many others in the work force may be past 130.
  • People who are made redundant will possibly face a century of unemployment.
  • We will have to not only deal with our grandchildren, but also with great great grandchildren.
  • Copyright will be extended to life of the author/artist plus 300 years after the death of the author/artist.
  • We will have 160 year old male actors acting as college going students and romancing 30 year old actresses.
  • The same celebrities will continue to feature in the news for more than a century.