Recently, I decided to updated the Google Chrome (browser) version of my own extension, namely Make Bookmark ( After successfully writing and publishing the extension for Firefox, I decided to write one for Chrome primarily because some settings on the work laptop prevented Firefox from connecting to the Internet from a specific office building. Though I visited that building only once every week or once in two weeks, I did not want to be left without being able to store bookmarks using my extension.

While I managed to replicate the same functionality in Chrome, I was left with one specific aspect missing – that being able to copy the name of the selected link.

While I made do with the ‘broken’ extension, I was compelled to return to it as some system changes has affected the way Firefox works. And this time in the office building from where I work day in, day out.

After looking for extension development tips using Google – irony is that much of the stuff available is old and is not supported on the latest version of Chrome – I installed a few extensions to try and understand how they worked, so that I could make my extension work as expected.

Then I came across an extension ‘Copy Link Name’ which was exactly addressing the gap that was present in my extension. I installed the extension, looked at the code and updated my extension accordingly. Now my Chrome extension matches the Firefox extension in functionality.

But getting my extension to work was a challenge and I blindly followed the steps from ‘Copy Link Name’. Having developed the extension, I still do not know how it works, as I have not found the time to go through a good reference document.

Funny thing is, I used a similar extension (though not from the same author) in the Firefox world as the basis for my own Firefox extension.