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Apparently Apple and Google have decided to call a truce in their patent wars as related to Android. While the articles mention that the companies have more than 20 cases between them, there is also a mention that the truce does not include cross-licensing of patents.

What does that really mean? As I understand it, Apple and Google will withdraw patent cases against each other and *probably not* file new cases.

But what about various Android vendors like Samsung, LG and the like? Will Apple stop pursuing cases against them as well? I do not believe these cases will be withdrawn. For Apple, too much is at stake in the mobile and tablet business. Each of these vendors is a threat. After HTC gained a following with their first Android phones, Apple pursued them. As other vendors got into the act, HTCs market share dipped and Samsung came to the fore. Thus, Apple shifted focus and targetted Samsung and settled with HTC – almost on the same patents that they are suing Samsung for.