Most of us, have been accustomed to playing games on PCs. Nowadays, I frequently play games on the Android tablet rather than on the PC.

With console games creating a niche for themselves, games on PCs have been given a miss.

While comparing game-play on the PC and the tablet, here are some observations

  1. Earlier we used to bang keyboard keys and mouse buttons to perform actions. Now we tap on the screen itself. This interaction in not effective and suitable for some games.
  2. Driving games are much more intuitive on tablets. Vehicles and actions can be controlled easily and realistically using the orientation sensor and the accelerometer. Keyboard and mouse do not offer that ease.
  3. Desktop screens can be kept vertical, which is not possible with tablets.
  4. Keyboard and mouse are placed on a flat surface and do not need to be held. Tablets need to be held for the duration of the game.
  5. If the tablet is rested on the lap, we need to bend our neck, which causes neck pain.
  6. If we hold the tablet at eye-level, we get arm-ache.