A couple of days ago, once again the connectivity of my Samsung Tab 2 with my PC has started creating problems. The tablet simply refused to get detected. After a reinstall of the latest drivers, Windows insists on detecting the device afresh each time and continues to refuse a connection. Once in a while, after detection, Windows asks us to reboot the system but then once again goes back into the detection mode after reboot.

As a new version of Kies 2 was available, I installed it (which in turn reinstalled the drivers) but post this, Windows continued to no detect the tablet. As part of troubleshooting in Kies, it re-installed the drivers and finally the tablet was detected.

Now I am waiting for the next bout of attack where the same behaviour will be repeated.

Damn this connectivity between the tablet and Windows. Can it not be made simple?? And damn the driver writers and damn Windows.