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With Google making great inroads using a self-driving car, its news is all over the place. The most recent article being about driving the car through city roads (after extensive testing on highway conditions).

On reading the article which mentions that the car uses 64 lasers that are shot from a roof-mounted device that spins 10 times a second as well as a radar that scans the environment around the car, a thought came to my mind.

If we have multiple such cars on the road, with each car shooting around lasers and radar signals, what will its effect be on people who happen to look at the lasers and also mobile phone signals, which will now be surrounded by more electronic waves?

But this was not the primary thought. The primary thought was, what would happen if radar signals from one or more cars cancels each other and the car is not able to get surrounding information in time? Will the car be able to react to this scenario in time? In such situations, will the driver be informed and will the driver have sufficient time to take over control? Or will the car continue for some more time with ‘older’ data with the assumption that the cancelling phenomenon will not last for a long period of time?