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Consider the news at RIL’s grand plans in telecom: Will it win or lose the battle? (http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-special-rils-grand-plans-in-telecom-will-it-win-or-lose-the-battle/20140422.htm).

The news article is about Reliance Industries and each one of the photos is totally unrelated to the text below it. While some of the images are in congruent with the news report, the most is the image on page 5, which shows Mukesh Ambani holding a CDMA phone. This image must be from years ago, when Mukesh Ambani used to lead Reliance Communications and totally unrelated to any of Mukesh Ambani’s companies.

Rediff guys, please have a connect between the images and the text.

A similar thing is noted in all the recent Sahara stories, where a stock of a few images (from one older story) are reused with each new story.