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TortoiseSVN: Check-in in very simple. Copy/Move the artefact into the directory under version control, right-click the same and use the ‘add’ command. Once added, the changes need to be committed, for the artefacts to be uploaded to the repository.

Microsoft Team Explorer (MTE): For check-in, we need to launch the application. Then, we need to drag and drop the artefact into the directory where we want it. Note that we cannot simply copy the artefact into the directory. It needs to be drag and dropped into the MTE interface only. One of the drawbacks of this method is that artefacts cannot be added to the repository from email attachements. Email attachments need to be saved to disk and then dropped into MTE. Additionally, artefacts have to be in a different directory when they are dropped into MTE. It is not possible to copy an artefact into the mapped directory and then drop it into MTE for check-in.